Sunday, 5 April 2009

Dorian Gay

Norwich newcomers are setting gardens and living rooms on fire way out east with some old school inspired hardcore noise. These dirty son of a guns will shout and fuck you up with gnarly riffs, fucked drums and in your face vocals. They will kneecap you and cover you in mustard before running off with your Nan, so mind out...

And if you don’t believe that they will fuck you up with mustard, well you are just kidding your self as at least two of them have the aforementioned word ‘mustard’ tattooed upon their very knees.

They are off into the studio soon to record some bits and get an EP going so wish them luck there. But for now just try and catch them live where they bring their own brand of brutality and positive energy to the proceedings.

There young and fresh, there hardcore reincarnated in the flesh!

Download: Dorian Gay Demo’s

While you are downloading those you have to check out the video from deep within’ the living room of Dorian Gray’s house.

76 Lincoln House Show from a.m. on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

That's actually a pretty cool video

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