Friday, 17 April 2009

Shapes – The Pasture, The Oil [Big Scary Monster]

BSM bring the noise and throw out some Shapes. They make one hell of a racket too, a mix of hardcore punk mathematics and brutal energy along with the songs to back it up. They fit in really well with the noisy end of Big Scary Monsters output like a less insane Blakfish or a more insane Tubelord.

For just three people they shred the place up that’s for sure, they take the drum, bass and guitar set-up and channel a fuck load of energy.

The Pasture, The Oil EP is only their second and they bring some crackers to the table. ‘Trampled By A Horse’ is a thunderous opener (see video for evidence) the schizophrenic, jagged edged riffs surge into pure streams of energy and brutal shouts and screams. They remind me a little of Chickenhawk on this one.

Other highlights include ‘The Escapologist’ which comes at you with more melody and a slightly more laid back feel, they still tear it up though like a hot ball of molten rock fired through a cannon. The riffs twist and turn to make some interesting shapes as the songs develop leaving you feeling that you just let off a lot of steam.

‘The Moon Is Bright, But Coned Off’ is such a wicked track it has a slightly space like feel to it with the drums being backed by shimmering guitars drenched in reverb and a mad little twinkle noise. This all breaks down into some stop start guitar patterns and building the tension up before dropping back into woozy vibes of space again.

The EP closer ‘You Butcher’ twists and turns comes out a bit jazzy in its own hardcore kind of way before morphing into a bit of a bond theme-esq beast with a big metal orchestral moment, quality stuff.

Shapes sound like an exciting young band well worth checking out live and in EP form.

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