Monday, 13 April 2009

Native – We Delete; Erase [Big Scary Monsters]

Indiana’s Native are dropping the We Delete; Erase EP for the first time in the UK on the wonderful Big Scary Monsters and you know what they fit right in. They play a spaced out kind of post-rock meets hardcore mathy type indie rock. Over in the US they share the same management as such big underground hitters as Maps and Atlases, Russian Circles and the epic guitar noodler and ex At The Drive-In man Omar Rodriguez Lopez, so they must be doing something right.

The freaked out space loops on ‘Alpacastan’ open the EP before things really kick off with some tappy math guitars laid under some monster riffs. They have an energy to them that is kind of playing against the spaced out nature of the music at times it adds a really interesting vibe to the tracks. It must be the pent up rage and passion of the vocals and the hardcore style bits mixing with the post-rock elements that do it.

‘What Are You Dylan In My House?’ is a fast paced clean tapped out guitar monster with stop start riffing, skipping drums and spaced out jazz sections. It’s an undisputed highlight of the EP that’s for sure. If you have been missing Meet Me In St. Louis (lets face it most people who heard them now are) and want something a bit like it but with a more hazy atmosphere them Native are for you.

Another highlight has to be the closing track ‘Hey Mon’ Hook Me Up ‘Do’ its just so full of energy and brutal passion.

Native manage to keep it interesting without delving deep into post-rock experimentation and obscurity, they just have a massive energy about them that really hits you and takes you on a mathy journey out of the spacey passages.

We Delete; Erase proves Native are indeed a force to be reckoned with and can hold there own against the big boys, ones to look out for that’s for sure.

Video: What Are You Dylan In My House?

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