Saturday, 25 April 2009

Warning! Heat Ray! – 3 Track EP

On the 4th May Warning! Heat Ray! Drop a free three track EP right out of Tooting and into your ear holes. The five piece make a kind of post-punk-rock-indie-pop-electronic sound with epic vocals and they even go a little dubbed out in places too. They have been getting recognition from people like Mr Scruff and Rob Da Bank for their single Spit It Out, which was a moving atmospheric electronica infused number with speech samples and melancholic vocals.

The 3 Track EP takes Warning! Heat Ray! Into a more rock influenced territory. ‘Beat Goes On’ opens things up with a tight bass, subtle electronics that flash, bubble and build the tension before the big beats come in and they rock out like a more spacious indie version of Queens of the Stone Age or something, it’s a tight little number and kicks things off in style.

Track two of three ‘My Quite Riot’ screeches as feedback loops and funky drums are played under a subtle and dark electronic orchestra and the vocals kick in to make this one a bit of an epic that wouldn’t feel to out of place in a dark side Bond movie set sometime in the 80’s, but in a good way this is a definite highlight especially when they get rocking out.

The final track is the dubwise ‘Permanent Machine’ with chugging harpsichord style riffs and dubbed out riddims. Guitars, electronics and effects really bring out the smoky vibes of the track; it’s a wicked juxtaposition of rock and dub that manages to stay far away from the ska clichés by keeping it well post-punk-electronic-rock. Plus the strong vocals really add an extra dimension.

Warning! Heat Ray! Have created a strong EP full of ideas and songs that both engage and make for an enjoyable listen.

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