Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Venetian Snares – Filth [Planet Mu]

The aptly named Filth is the latest album from dirty breakcore / grimey acid / fucked up IDM producer Venetian Snares and this time he has going all out in your face and down right pornographic. Like a maniac running around the studio, pants round his ankles, covered in a suspicious goo, dripping all over his 303 and slapping his gnarly dick on the sampler setting off breakbeats and thoroughly getting off on it as the songs unravel and the stains build up.

Sorry I got a bit carried away but its alright I’ve whipped myself down now. VSanres may well be dirty as hell here but he is also on top form, Filth already sounds like an IDM style classic, it can sit next to his other offerings and the high octane end of Aphex Twin and Sqaurepusher with ease.

Expert junglist breaks smash off monstrous base and donk worthy techno beats morph and freak out in front of your eyes by speeding up, slowing down and genraly making up fucked grooves as they go along, as the harsh tweaks and bleeps of the acid workouts fly in from all directions like Wink never existed.

Some highlights include: Labia, which sounds pretty beautiful in places, beautiful in a filthy kind of way of course. Chainsaw Fellatio has a low-slung dirty groove that gets shit swaggering like a Windowlicker-esq sex scene in a run down industrial estate. Splooj Guzzlers has to be in the review just for the name alone.

All the tracks have a visceral and down right physical presence a bit like the best most passion filled hardcore and metal has, but with an extreme electronic edge like a sex toy that has been battered so far out of shape you can’t switch it off. You really do have to be in the mood for such depraved acid breakcore otherwise you will feel orally violated to the extreme.

Now go and have a fucking shower you stink of sex you dirty c*~T!

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