Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Asleep Beneath Volcanoes – EP01 [Dormant Records]

Kendal’s very own Asleep Beneath Volcanoes make a really dreamy blend of electronica infused fuzzed out shoegaze and guitar heavy indie rock, what the fuck does indie mean anymore anyway... but I digress. The debut three track EP on the bands own Dormant Records is some good shit.

‘Water’ kicks off things in heavy layers of distorted guitars and screeching electronics with drums that somehow remind me of Joy Division and vocals low in the depths of the mix building layers of lo-fi rocked out sound for an epic eight or so minuets that genuinely fly by.

Things get more electronic and dreamy on ‘Heavy Legs’ there is a daydream like atmosphere at work here. If Worriedaboutsatan took their minimal meets post-rock direction into shoegaze territories it might sound a little like the instrumental parts of this. There is a real techno-y pulse and electronic glitch that really adds to the deeply disturbing treated guitar lines, it’s both euphoric, melancholy and full of twinkling melodies.

The EP is finished up with the foreboding ‘Holiday’, which comes on with a techno pulse and some menacing growls and noise shakes you into being hypnotised by the fuzz before the mellow almost sweet and lonely vocal chants a mantra of, ‘holiday, holiday, wait, wait don’t stay around’ before it all descends into a dark fuzz growl and comes out the other end a little lighter and hopeful somehow.

Go see Asleep Beneath Volcanoes at shows and pick up the EP from them personally or the Dormant Records website. The band said I could give you a taster so grab the track ‘Holiday’ bellow and make up your own mind.

Asleep Beneath Volcanoes – Holiday

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