Monday, 18 May 2009

Falty DL – Love is a Liability [Planet Mu]

Straight out of New York the ex sushi chef knows how to prepare some tasty beats that kicks like wasabi. Falty DL’s debut album Love is a Liability on the forward thinking Planet Mu, who are dropping quality releases with ease right now is another top class album. Taking influences from across the board from uk garage to techno, hip-hop and electronica Falty DL makes a sound all of his own.

Love is a Liability is skippy high hat heaven you can hear the garage running through its veins but this is only one element of the sound, sometimes sounds of Detroit can be heard thrown in with vibrant electronica and the deep bass of dubstep. It’s got that vintage Planet Mu sound you can sit it next to anything from Mu, Warp and Rephlex and it would stand up on its own yet fits in nice and snug.

Things start with ‘Human Meadow’ with its deep ghostly garage sound complete with pitched shifted soulful vocal snippets and swung hats, the bass and electronic elements really take it into a world of its own though, a melancholic bleepy underworld.

The organ sounds on ‘Dionysos’ and ‘To New York’ really take you into Underground Resistance territory the latter is reminiscent of the other worldly ‘Inspiration’ playing off some ‘Hi Tech Jazz’. Before you get taken into the dark side with ‘Encompass’ with its robotic machine dance sound. Love is a Liability flows so well as a whole and really draws you into a hypnotic state at times. This vibe is really present on the sublime ‘Winter Sole’ with its massive downward bending bass sweep that turns into a huge drone that will sound epic on a big system plus the orchestral moments playing around a subtle spaced out skipping drum pattern really set things off.

The back end of Love is a Liability gets deeper and more hypnotic as it goes on tracks like ‘Truth’ and the pent up soul of ‘Anxiety’ tweak and bleep like a robotic love machine over swung jacking techno garage breaks and big bass, but it’s the melodies in these tracks that really bring the vibes the album is full of them.

Out of the final three tracks, which all have a mellow sadness to them ‘Paradise Lost’ is the one that really nails it. The crackles and sweeps that melt into some organic swung beats and that deep warm building set of pads and synth melodies hits the spot that’s for sure.
The jacking post garage electronica of Falty DL with its bittersweet vibes makes for a truly compelling listen. The album is both deep and interesting as well as massive in the dance. Love is a Liability and his Ramp Recordings 12” show he is one to watch.

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