Friday, 15 May 2009

Best Of… Atlas Sound’s Blog Music

For a long time now I have been listening to Atlas Sound, I stumbled upon his blog when I was skint and looking for some music late one night and I haven’t looked back since. All these tracks were / are available on the Deerhunter / Atlas Sound / Lotus Plaza blog, on EP’s, virtual 7” or just random tracks and as there has been so much music over the years I decided to make my very own best of and put it up for download to maybe help spread the Atlas Sound love to new people so they don’t have to wade through all the blog posts.

There are covers, remixes, collaborations, late night meditations, ambient electronica, live recordings, loops and loops and loops… lo-fi fuzzed out rock, some of it has even morphed into music for Deerhunter, which is the case with the two tracks from the Tour CD-R. It’s not definitive there is to much good stuff on there for that, it’s just tracks I have really enjoyed over the years compiled in a way that flows. Dig deep and download see you on the other side.


#1. Difference BT (Final Mix)
#2. Borrowed Nostalgia
#3. Words From The Wall (Version II)
#4. Guitar 3 [Bitchfest 08]
#5. ABC Glasgow
#6. Airedale [Maybe Logic Virtual 7”]
#7. Sunday Night In Chicago
#8. Answer Me (Arthur Russell Remix)
#9. Pure UnEvil (Liars Cover)
#10. Words From The Wall
#11. Rendered [How I Escaped the Prison of Fractals]
#12. Activation [Orange Ohms Glow EP]
#13. Oliver
#14. Track 6 [Tour CD-R]
#15. Track 8 [Tour CD-R]
#16. Unicorn Rainbow Odyssey (Mark Sultan Cover)
#17. Coffin Trick
#18. Oh It’s Such a Shame (Jay Reatard Cover)
#19. Dog Years by Ghetto Cross (Bradford Cox & Cole Alexander)
#20. Dovers Jam [New Years Eve 2008 Live]

Best Of… Atlas Sound’s Blog Music

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