Thursday, 7 May 2009

Tigrics – Bronkenret (Friskfisk mixes) [Highpoint Lowlife]

Straight out of Hungry a pair of producers come out of the mist the first being regular Highpoint Lowlife contributor and maker of sublime electronica that takes found sounds and twists them into beautiful shapes and soundscapes. The other is the reclusive Friskfisk who only really makes music for friends and himself. Yet his best mate Tigrics has brought him out to shine this one and only time.

This three track EP of collaborative remixes brings together the ambient found sound cut’n’paste visions of Tigrics solo productions and throws them right into a dance floor mêlée, of the deeper discerning kind anyway. The opener ‘Boko (Friskfisk mix)’ is a electro number with an experimental sound, not unlike something you would hear on Rephlex or from Radioactive Man. Skipping 606 drum patterns and acid tweaks play off collages of sound perfectly to make something for your feet and the floor. ‘Snyki mix with Friskfisk’ goes deeper still with subtle percussion and hypnotic passages of sound that build and pull you in all directions. Finally, ‘Külön’ meets somewhere in the middle with tweaks and drones under the 606 with a late night melancholy vibe that still oozes energy.

These productions sound so warm and organic, which is a rare thing sometimes in electro but with Trigrics’ love of home made synths and Friskfisk’s no computer rule the two really do make a sound all of their own. This is a quality EP by two talented producers.

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