Friday, 22 May 2009

Burial / Four Tet – Moth / Wolf Club [Text]

The elusive ghostly garage producer from South London Burial hooks up with electronica producer Four Tet for a mysterious black 12” platter. It’s not only the first new Burial material since Untrue but the first ever collaboration to surface too. The two may not be strangers mind as some sources say they go way back to school days. But back to the important things the music.

The warm shiny looped tinkle that brings in ‘Moth’ has a deep ambiance that can be found in either producers tracks this is until a synth creeps in that is all Tet before an all mighty skeletal 2-step pattern that is undeniably Burial drops and the track really stats to build. A slightly tropical counter rhythm plays off the garage beat as the pads really start to hypnotise. When the track finally breaks down into distant spectral soul snippets so loved by Burial and the percussive elements feed back in as the synths build is probably the finest moment on the 12”. It’s probably been said a lot about this track already due to the hype flying around but this really dose sound exactly like what you would imagine the two to conjure up.

The flip ‘Wolf Club’ is the real surprise, the ambiance is still all there as is the brooding melancholy but its all set off against a deep slow almost house beat that you don’t expect from a track with Burial on it. The beats on here are well and truly Four Tet but the pitched vocal samples are well and truly Burial-like. The main synth hook is so lush and warm it really makes the track as dose the percussion in the breakdown where it gets a little stripped back and funky before the hook comes back in again. It’s reminiscent of Actress and even Lukid in places via some deep Berlin techno.

Overall this is one hell of a lush, warm, well-produced and interesting 12” that shows different sides to both artists. When the dust settles on the hype that surrounds every new Burial release this high profile collaboration with Four Tet will no doubt stand strong against the material of each. It’s a subtle sophisticated sounding meeting of minds that’s well worth a listen.

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