Friday, 22 February 2008

Aphex Twin - Drukqs

Well this album is pretty insane to be honest, in a brilliant way it goes from spaffed out hardcore rythem and acid work outs to huge swathes of ambient melodie and noies, not to mention some truley beautiful piano peices. The thing I'm interested in though is, and bare with me on this, try playing CD 1 and CD 2 at the same time on 2 diffrent players. This may sound like a strange thing to do, but we are talking about Aphex Twin here. No where on the sleve does it mention to do this and why would it, its a mad suggestion. Yet the 2 CD's sync up beautifuly the drums are in time the tracks intertwine with each other and it adds a whole new dimention to the album. It makes it sound like a Mix Tape or something of a Aphex Twin DJ set. May people will disagree that it works at all and fair enough it can be a bit mad and over bearing to listen too, but I sware it fits together. This could be a bit of the Wizard Of Oz fits with Pink Floyd perfectly kinda thing here, I mean come on you can stick any tunes on top of that film and see something that fits. This just seems to work to well to be an accident and this is Aphex Twin remember!

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