Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Burial – Untrue

For me this is a sublime album that takes you on a trip through a foggy night in a city on the way home from a club until the sun rises. Then the album is done and it’s such a pleasure it’s untrue. The nearest thing I have heard to this apart from the first self titled Burial album are only vague reference points to vague ghostly bits of this music. It sounds a bit like Burial has resurrected the ghost of 2-step garage through Brian Eno and Aphex Twin. Burial however makes it a sound of its very own. Beats skip past and boom all around you like half remembered memories of a whole nights clubbing rattling relentlessly in your mind. I’m not even sure there in time with the rest of the music, yet it works so well. The bass really grabs you and draws together all of the elements beautifully. Everything about the melodies, strings and synth parts give the atmosphere of a longing sadness but with a warm loving glow. The vocal elements really echo the 2-step movement for me. But again it’s all put through the Burial mechanics, these pitches up and down gleams and shatters through each tune like shards of forgotten vocals on forgotten records. Burial – Untrue is a sonic masterpiece a real beautiful record that shines with both darkness and hope.

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