Wednesday, 27 February 2008

No Age - Weirdo Rippers

This music is raw and exciting in the most joyful exuberant fuzzed out primal way. There are washed out feedback drenched lovingly crafted sound-scapes of noise and loops. Thrashed and burned out guitar licks. Wholly organic sounding electronics and pure punk surf guitar pop, all in the mixer. This two piece craft some serious gems here. With every listen I get drawn into another song, they are short and snappy yet epic all at once, you don’t really get chance to tire from the barrage of noise in each tune, as they build and build then some times drop a god almighty hook or fade away. Leaving you satisfied either way. My stand out tracks, although these change with each listen are; My Life’s Alright Without You, with its pop hook fuzz rock and snappy lyrics. The brilliant melancholic droned out Everybody’s Down, drags you in with a drone and one repeated guitar hook before kicking off with some nice vocal melodies and finally some nice rock action. Neck Escaper, is maybe the most obvious and immediate track on this collection of tunes, its just wonderful I find my self singing the guitar lines some times. The piece works as a whole even though it’s a collection of tracks released else where on EP’s on vinyl only. I’m really looking forward to a full-length album from this young LA twosome. Bring The Noise!

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