Wednesday, 27 February 2008


BRING THE NOISE! This is pure primal tribal energy, its like the sound of the world being torn apart and remade with new tribes. It rips through your senses with un-holey drumming and chants. The noise is incredible and must be played LOUD! First stand out gem is the third tune, Triceratops, which has a nice hook in their somewhere. Like No Age this band come from the same LA scene of young noise groups, they have some similarities but HEALTH aren’t as burnt out, they are pure tribal rock god power noise. Imagine some massive monkeys running at you, its pretty scary and soaked in adrenalin a sweat. Crimewave is another beast of a tune; see also an amazing Crystal Castles mix of that, I will bring it up later no doubt. Zoothorns, has some nice guitar feedback synthy sounds to scare the shit out of you in a manic beat driven frenzy and howls of some forgotten animals. //M\\, actually makes my teeth shake from the pounding drums. Glitter Pills, comes closes to sounding like some primal electro disco noise crossover with saw like buzzing synth and old skool electro pattern drums like something Affrika Bambata might have rapped on. Perfect Skin, is a big dirty freak of a tune, and maybe the closes we get to a ballad HEALTH style, with fragile lyrics and what sounds like the first guitar lick of the album. Lost Time, is the closer and I haven’t wasted my time one little bit. Each track is short and sweet, yet just like their scene-sakes, No Age, super addictive. I can only imagine what this is like live, brutal and mesmerizing. I love young and noisy bands right now.

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