Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Gleamo? Maybe not.

They seems to be a scene brewing of bands with a certain sound that mixes the emotional intensity of ‘Emo’ well a very UK 'Emo' and the hardcore rocky sound but with oober clean sounding guitars and often a heavy emphasis on tapping on to create a quick fire percussive melody. Maybe I will call it ‘Gleamo’ if it has to be called anything, which it doesn’t. I just needed a title. There seems to be a lot of bands out their that sound like this here are a few I have found:

2 Many JD’s
Cats and Cats and Cats
I Was A Cub Scout
Jon Gomm
Meet Me In St Louis
Mutiny On The Bounty
Super Tennis
Tera Melos
The Dragon Rapide
This Town Needs Guns

I’m not usually a fan of ‘Emo’ style bands but this sound has dragged me in. I think it’s the tippy-tappy super fast guitar lines mixed with raw rock power and poppy melodies that is just kind of addictive. There are many differing styles within this from a kind of At The Drive-In style rock edged sound of Meet Me In St Louis (R.I.P. who have now split), Tera Melos, Mutiny On The Bounty and Tubelord. To the Jazzy edge that The Dragon Rapide (R.I.P.) bring. Jon Gomm has some songs that have elements of this sound embedded into it but is done in an acoustic one man beat box slap happy freak out. Bands like I Was A Cub Scout and 2 Many JD’s, which is a side project of the terrible Wombats and a play on the brilliant Soulwax 2 Many DJ’s project, bring this ‘Gleamo’ sound and mix it with electronic pop sensibilities, not unlike the Postal Service. There is much to find and treasure in these bands lets see what happens.
I made a mix of this kind of thing to give to some of my friends, here is the track list:
Clean, Tappy, Fuzz

Jon Gomm - Clockwork
Swoop Swoop - I Know What To Do With Myself
BARR - The Song Is The Single
Tubelord - Half Man Half Amazing
Tera Melos - When Worms Learn To Fly
Mutiny On The Bounty - World Domino Championship
This Et Al - The Loveliest Alarm
Penninies - whisky tango foxtrot? lima oscar lima
2 Many JD's - Interwined
Foals - Two Steps Twice
I Was A Cub Scout - Teenage Skin
Instruments - Alpine Disco
The Dragon Rapide - Kissing The Shuttle
Fulborn Tevesham - Empty Shell
Rolo Tomassi - Curry
Acoustic Ladylad - Skinny Grin
Rolo Tomassi - Cirque Du Funk
Rolo Tomassi - Seagull
Jeremy Warmsley - One Armed Scissor (Live Acoustic)
Ask nicely and I may link you up to it.

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