Friday, 22 February 2008

I Was A Cub Scout - I Want You To Know There Is Always Hope

This album is the debut from I Was A Cub Scout (IWACS) it’s a real pop gem, in the best possible way. Without all the froth and cheese of chart indie fodder, of which I can’t even be arsed to mention. These two write beautiful synth lead indie pop with beastly drums and the occasional rocking out for good measure. IWACS owe a lot to the likes of Postal Service for pure catchy songs executed in a lush way. They however have a more guitar-laden sound than Postal Service’s digital processed sound. The stand out tracks are the melodic ‘Pink Squares’ that lodges its self in your brain from the outset with an irresistible riff, pounding drums and trance synths that drop into moody tension when the lyrics kick in. Another stand out is ‘Our Smallest Adventures’ and ‘The Hunters Daughter’. Maybe the most in debt tune to Postal Service is 'We Were Made To Love (ii)' with some really hooky synthasisers. I miss the excellent ‘Teenage Skin’, which has been left off the album that is a real good pounding dancy tune. If your in need for some good hooks and brilliant pop but don’t like all that cheese you could do worse than this.

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