Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Atlas Sound – Logos (The Dead Album?)

As I’m a huge fan of Atlas Sound and Deerhunter I thought I would review this leaked album to try and get some love going and make Bradford finish it. Read about the whole load of drama that went down the other day here…

The Light That Failed is a woozy little shoegazer with sweet acoustic guitar and sweeping vocal manuva’s. Atlas Sound make some of the most beautiful music I have heard in recent times, I can’t get enough of it. Considering none of the tracks are complete on Logos they sure do have a lush sound. An Orchid is more of a driving song it propels forward with a hazy feel and yet more acoustic guitar, but this time chords are strummed out and bed the sweet vocals. I Know I Will Escape is not unlike some of the tracks on Let The Blind… album it’s a tender ballad type song about wanting to be free, but maybe not quite knowing how to go about it, the melancholy feel to it certainly says that to me anyway.

Difference BT has been one of my favourite tracks Bradford has ever put up on his blog for download. The version on Logos may well be slightly different to the version he posted quite a while ago now. But it moves me tremendously, the beelpy, bloopy synth bubbles are so hypnotic as are the subtle warm kick drum pounds. As with a lot of Atlas Sound the vocals add texture and layers of beautiful sound to the songs, this one is no different.

St. Echo reminds me of some ambient Aphex Twin structures with the piano and chiming bell type sounds. Quick Canal is an epic song that comes in at around thirteen minuets. Bradford stated that he didn’t get chance to add vocals to it yet, but it’s still a wonderful piece of work. He really needs to finish this album it’s a beauty. Any way this track builds in layers of sound into a bit of a bumping beat and bassline, it could almost be a Deerhunter tune. This sublime grove is interrupted with some noise and a electric guitar comes in to take it into fuzzed out shoegaze territory.

Avoid The Void continues in this more full on fuzzed out rock style and breaks down in the middle to some beautiful chimes and ambient textures. Which melts into the irresistible twinkles of Nocturnal Drivers, which sounds a bit like the ghost of Kraftwerk with insomnia driving through a dark jungle. My Halo has a bit of a doo whop feel to it, a bit like some of the tracks on Deerhunter’s other leaky album Microcastle. This is ambient pop songs at there very best.

Eros is a dreamy song that asks why people change over some epic and soothing sounds. Atlas Sound is like soaking your self in a warm bath some times, you just let the heat sooth you and the water hold you up, then close your eyes and drift off. Thanatos mixes out of the last track with a succession of bleeps and tinkles and into the final track of Logos, which just happens to be called Logos. This has a nice beat to it that really drives things forward. Fuzzy vocals glide on top of a big bassline, the whole track has a 60s soul vibe to it. Well one that has been drenched in pure shoegaze echo and atmosphere.

Logos is a fantastic album and I have my fingers crossed that Bradford Cox will finish it and this whole drama will be forgotten. I for one would love to hear the finished result with some hot as hell artwork.
Update: LOGOS LIVES! Bradford Speaks here.

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