Thursday, 7 August 2008

Dessktop – Kirpi EP

Dessktop has been at it again for Rack & Ruin Records one of my favourite purveyors of sounds on the Internet. This is catalogue number rrr054 and can be downloaded for free over at R&R. What more could you want?

Dessktop has made a very nice five track EP of ambient electronica that is full of loops and field recordings. It makes for a wonderful listen; track one valea lunga river (simisna) is an aquatic little number, with water dripping just like the name would suggest, a riverside ambiance. Then the clatter of what sounds like an implement being sharpened and bashed around, while a voice sings about water every now and again. A looped up string instrument of some kind brings some more rhythm and melody to the proceedings. The thing being sharpened could well be that of the knife on the front cover… A thunderclap draws this track to an end and starts the next.

Adonis vernalis is the second track it’s full of more beautiful field recordings and an amazing almost child like pots and pan percussion section chiming away, like part music box and part campsite found drum kit. This tune is taken into the next by knocking on a door and us being let in at the beginning of the next, I do love the way this works.

Calceolariaceae has a warmer feel I guess that’s because we are inside now, there is a beautiful drone that is used as the backdrop to some more chiming found percussion and strumming. These songs are beautiful ambient electronica with a happy little vibe to them.

Trakhtemyrivskyi monastery has a thumping start and tribalistic drumming, with some wind instrumentation that sounds not unlike some kind of bagpipe, but not quite. This feeds into the final track…

Autonomously replicating sequence, which is a lovely drone induced synth and found sound ambient pad followed by what is almost a funky as hell percussive loop, but then the EP ends and you are left wanting more. Dessktop has done it again and made another fascinating EP full of beauty and originality. I love this dude keep it up man.


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Jason said...

kirpi iz tha best

dessktop ruless

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