Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Starkey – Angel EP (Creative Space) 12”

A four track EP from state side bass warrior Starkey on Creative Space he has created some sublime beats for this 12”. I’m not even sure if this is dubstep and to be honest I don’t really care, its just beautiful bass music. The combination of huge bass swaggering hip-hop style beats and a beautiful warm glow put this release near the front of the pack.

Angel is a beautiful and mellow tune with huge bass weight and deep soulful vibes, yet it’s still perfect for the dance floor. This soul/grime/dub crossover is so good, its sunshine stepping if ever I heard it. The next track Bang Bang The Witch Is Dead does exactly what the title suggests, with its huge industrial sized beats and a spooky retro introduction that opens out into a big throbber of a bassline. It’s not quite as deep and soulful as the first track but some of the same elements still remain and make this, well… Bang. The flip is just as brilliant and opens with Drip, which is a melancholy slow booming track, the kick is massive, as is the low-slung bass. They both compliment the subtle synth lines perfectly, and watch for the drop it’s serious business. Drip is one of my favourites on this 12” along with Angel. The final tune Brilliance Tones does nothing to let the side down with its wonky, oh shit I’m falling down the stairs leaning rhythms, can you fall and dance? I’m not sure… Anyway its brilliant as the title suggests the breakdown really mellows the track out before the skiting badass drums come back in with the bass to destroy you.

Starkey is sublime and has an album forth coming on Planet Mu check him out.

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