Sunday, 17 August 2008

Atlas Sound – Logos (R.I.P.) 2007 – 2008

I’m not sure what happened to be honest but it sounds like some kind of drama went down with Bradford Cox and his blog today. I have heard it was hacked and the Atlas Sound album, which was announced the other week titled ‘Logos’, has been leaked in un-mastered form, as has some Deerhunter songs that where to be released with the up and coming ‘Microcastle’, which incidentally leaked so early it hurts. By the look of the blog post that has now been removed it may not come out now because of this. To quote the post:

‘Fuck this shit. I can just make another album. It’s not finished and now it never will be. It was also going to have a rad cover. I would describe it to you but that would be stupid. P.S. there are no vocals on Quick Canal. I never got the chance to record them. This record was not free to record, so if you’d like to pay for hearing it send a paypal donation to I am not a fucking opportunist so don’t think I expect it.’

So there you have it a post full of bad vibes, I have no idea how this all came about. But I hope that this gets released and finished at some point I adore all of the Deerhunter and Atlas Sound music I have ever heard. Is the Deerhunter / Atlas Sound camp the leakiest place ever for songs and albums? It seems that way at the
moment and I feel sorry for them and can see why Bradford Cox is so angry in that blog post.

I will keep an eye on the blog and see if any more sense can be made of the situation. But for now, take it easy Bradford…
Update: This was found in the google cache read it here.

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