Monday, 18 August 2008

Guillotine Clique

‘"we sometimes play with words like we play with women..."
Charles Bukowski

Started as a partnership,
Guillotine Clique, is the combined output of MLR and Breach. Working separately or together GC are the bastard spawn of a modern dawn.


Razor sharp in the club or in the headphones this shit will make your ear drums bubble.’

Guillotine Clique is a London & Bristol based beast featuring
My Left Retina who has featured on this very blog before with a review of his Fever Ate My Fist EP, the other Clique member is Breach who by the sound of things makes a mean batch of D’n’B. But with their powers combined, they have only gone and made some techno infused dubstep, imagine that!

Luckily you don’t have to imagine to hard as not only do they have a myspace with actual sounds that come out of it, but they have a fantastic mix free for you to download.

Guillotine Clique Vol.1

Track List:

Shackleton – Death is not final
2562 – Morvern
Appleblim & Perverelist – Circeling
Komonazmuk – Bad Apple
Martyn – Suburbia
2562 – Kameleon
Appleblime – Vansan
Martyn – Vancover
DJ Abstract – Touche
Guillotine Clique – Metal pedal
Benga & Walsh – Addicts
Tipper – Subalicious
Scanone – Atlas
Guillotine Clique – Militia Dub
Komanazmuk & White Boi – 2 paths of rage



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