Saturday, 2 August 2008

Skull Disco – Soundboy Punishments

This collection is getting on a little bit now, but I’m a little late to the older Skull Disco stuff I only have the 12”s: 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 so far. I think they are only going to drop one more official 12”, which will have four Shackleton tracks on it, then maybe some white labels and another Soundboy Punishments compilation. What an amazing label it has been, Shackleton has been making some seriously good music that spans quite a few genres and maybe even invented the minimal/techno/dubstep hybrid along with Villalobos and Appleblim. Appleblim’s tracks on this compilation are good but I think they pale in comparison to Shackletons, Appleblim has come along way since these early tracks though as the newer 12” will show as will the next Soundboy comp no doubt. Gatekeeper also features here on one track, as does the aforementioned Villalobos in his huge mix of Shacks Blood On My Hands more on that in a bit though.

Shackleton’s tracks are out of sight they are that good his minimalist approach with polyrhythmic African drumming and huge basslines mix so well to make some of the darkest and most exciting music I have heard in a while. You can see why Villalobos asked to remix Blood On My Hands, as he just loved it so much. Shack isn’t keen on being described as dubstep and to be honest his sound is pretty far removed from that scene’s sound and tempo that it is a kind of genre of it’s own. Appleblim on the other hand sounds pretty dubstep esspecialy in comparison to the other work on the comp; the first CD is Shackleton’s organic groves juxtaposed against Appleblim’s techy and almost jungle sounds. Both artists have matured since this compilation and are ready to move onto new ventures, but as long as I get to here their tunes I will be happy even if it means no more Skull Disco.

The art work by Z is fantastic as it is will all Skull Disco releases it reflect the sound so well with its skeletal bone wrenching dark and deep sound that’s all at once organic and not from this earth at the same time.

Disc two is slightly more dance floor influenced Shackleton makes most the tracks and really breaks loose in the most dubstep style stuff he has on this comp. The huge bongo patterns are still in full effect but it’s all at a faster passed and almost 2-step rhythm to make you move your feet. And of course the bass is still huge. Ricardo Villalobos’ mix of Blood On My Hands is on this disc I really love it and it pretty much got me into looking at Dubstep, but after hearing the original mix I think I prefer that, just. Villalobos makes it an epic deep and dark minimal masterpiece though and for that I salute him. Skull Disco Soundboy Punishments is a brilliant retrospective collection of tracks from their vaults, I look forward to the last few 12” very much and another one of these, before Appleblim and Shackleton move on to new things.

Skull Disco

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