Friday, 18 July 2008

My Left Retina – Fever Ate My Fist EP

This is an EP full of electro tinged dark garage, dubstep with some evil bass and moody soundscapes. There is a slight hip-hop swing to some of the tracks and he apparently use to make some tasty hip-hop beats and rap before moving onto the bassy end of the dance spectrum.

Fever Ate My Fist kicks off with Chocolate Lime Dub and I have to agree with another blog on this, it’s a brilliant name for a track, the sound reflects this with it’s smooth taste, sharp beats and well the dub is self explanatory. Some crackle and warm mood drenched synths give way to the fat electronic beats and samples that sound like the inside of a robot, a groovy little fucker mind non of this robot without a soul business. The baseline has a deep and acidic quality to it. Phat tune.

The title track is up next Fever Ate My Fist and I love the opening loop made up of clicks and breathy sharp samples that flows into some heavy slow industrial beatscapes and sci-fi synthetic sweeps. It’s a nice combination of electronic dubstep, warp style IDM and even a little bit of rock styling as the guitar loops come in.

Gordon Bombay is a slow dirty number that starts with whips and Harvey being told there is a disco on today but he won’t be going, gutted for him. It sounds like the rest of us are invited mind as the slow funky digital groves make us move as the base carries us into deeper territories. This is a nice cross between hip-hop instrumental and base music.

November has a huge bass pulse and slow menacing beats that could soundtrack an evil invasion by some sluggish alien robot race that just know they don’t need to move quickly as they are going to kick all our asses anyway. Evil yet a little bit beautiful too in its own way.

Last Kiss (Neck Tied) brings the sweetness to the EP a bright atmospheric hip-hop instrumental with glitches and groves a plenty. A nice bit of light relief from the badass heavy evil stuff. Once in a while even robots get off with each other.

Self Tongue again brings the freaky spooky stuff to your ears, the into actually spooked me a little bit I’m glad I’m listening during the day right now. The synth line pulses like a laser a deep base laser at that. And a really smooth baseline kicks in about half way through and it is sure to get you moving.

Bronchitis is the final track to Fever Ate My Fist EP and it coughs all over you with samples of far away illness. The base has an ace dub deepness and slow half stepping tempo. Some more guitar sampling antics come on top of this, showing My Left Retina’s roots. This final track is a bit of an epic one clocking in at a tasty 8 minuets. A real dark moody stepper that draws you into its deep hypnotic world. It reminds me of something Coldcut would play in their brilliant Journeys by a DJ mix.

My Left Retina make some wicked dark, moody base ridden tunes and Fever Ate My Fist EP is a nice little nugget of a showcase. Check out the links bellow for more details and all that good stuff.

My Left Retina Myspace

My Left Retina Dot Co Dot UK

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