Thursday, 9 October 2008

Devotional Dubz

I mostly just stole all this from dubstepforum as it came back up earlier and then I found this mix posted by Grievous Angel himself, I will let him do the talking:

The first Devotional Dubz mix is now up. It accompanies the Lady Dub release. I am grateful to FACT magazine for hosting and promoting it for me. Big up all at FACT.
You can find it here.

And this is what
FACT had to say:

The same way fat kids famously do cake, we love
Grievous Angel. If there was ever a man you can rely upon, not just to release great music (his ‘Lady Dub’ twelve and Belief is the Enemy double album are two of 2008’s highlights) but to knock out cracking mix after cracking mix, it’s him, and that’s why we’re chuffed to have him release the first of his Devotional Dubz mixes through FACT.

As old Grievous puts it, “In the summer, [I] released Lady Dub, the first of [my] Devotional Dubz series of dubstep / dark garage refixes of r’n’b tunes, which was the counterpart to the harder ragga techno styles on the double album, Belief is the Enemy"

"‘Lady Dub’ is a refix of D’Angelo’s nu-soul classic ‘Lady‘, or rather of DJ Premier’s remix of it; it turned out to be fairly popular, helping to propel the garage revival that we’ve seen this year. It also offered a different vision of dubstep, one that reaffirmed the form’s original tolerance for sweetness and vocals while offering the biggest booming 808 sine waves I could manage. Each Devotional Dubz release will be accompanied by a DJ mix that acts as a sonic manifesto, and I am delighted that FACT has offered to host the first one. The mix includes exclusive refixes and blends of r’n’b tunes, alongside unreleased Grievous Angel garage tracks that have previously only been heard on
Blackdown’s Rinse show, and some special edits of dark garage classics"

"It’s lush, it’s spacey, it’s skippy, and at the end it’s unremittingly heavy, but all the way it’s pure garage flavour. Turn it up and feel the sunshine. Volume two will be out in a few months when I’ve got some funky stuff out of the way. Thanks to FACT for the support!”It's a mix of deep space, refixed and dubbed r'n'b and garage. It's the one Blackdown alluded to in the big interview with me on his blog - a few people emailed me about it. It's probably the best thing I've ever done.

00:00: Jill Scott: Slowly Surely (Grievous Angel's Erzulie Edit)
02.20: Craig Mack: Brand New Flava (Grievous Angel's Iron River Edit)
05:19: Grievous Angel: Lady Dub
08:07: Jill Scott: Watching Me
09:30: Vaccine: Wishful Thinking (VIP Mix)
12:03: DJ Abstract: Touch
15:18: Jill Scott: Crown Royal (Grievous Angel's Fucking In Sunshine Edit)
17:07: Jill Scott: My Love (Grievous Angel's Deeper, Tighter Edit)
19:29: HorsePower Productions: Gorgon Sound
21:56: Grievous Angel: Lady Dub (2Step Remix)
25:10: Groove Chronicles: Be Happy
28:09: Grievous Angel: What We Had
31:47: El B: Bison
31:58: Groove Chronicles: Faith In You
34:13: Dru Hill: Freak Like Me (El B Remix)
39:11: El B: Two Thousand
40:34: Our Lady of Rage: Afro Puffs
42:00: Grievous Angel: I Love Dem
49:13: Ends


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