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Large Hadron Collider (Double Vox Bass Tube Mix) by Jimi The Exploder Feat. MC. Prof. Brian Cox (ex D:Ream): The scribbles

I said I would write about the tracks on this mix here and my original post here, and to be honest I got distracted. But here we go, plus it’s a good excuse to bump the mixes profile a little more as I’m proud of it (so far I've had 147 downloads and counting of this mix)…

Kontex – Falling to Weightlessness [Immerse]

Kontex opens the mix in a fine deep and melodic style, I pitched this one up some what as it needed a bit more pace on it for dubstep’s 140 bpm trade mark speed. I can’t get enough of this double 12” on Immerse, Kontex has done some good work here in merging minimal / dub / dubstep / electronica and god knows what.

TRG & Dub U – Losing Marbles [Hot Flush]

I try and melt things smoothly into TRG & Dub U and you know what, I think I pull it off. These two have more beauties that will no doubt see the light of day in my next mix, but for now lets loose some marbles… It’s another deep one as is a lot of the LHC mix, I love the groove on this one though it’s so funky and driving yet subtle all at once.

Appleblim and Peverelist – Circling [Skull Disco]

Well what can you say about Skull Disco, Appleblim and Peverelist? A fuck load to be honest they are pushing things forward so much right now. Circeling is a triumph in rolling deepness, I love the bass on this and have done ever since I heard it on Dubstep Allstars Vol.6 with ‘blim. The second drop just kills it for me every time, make sure you listen out for that.

Grievous Angel – Lady Dub [Devotional Dubz]

Now for some deep spaced out R&B from the Angel from Sheffield, the bass on this is huge it’s like he has grabben an 808 and throttled the fucker until it popped. The smooth vocal samples and huge beats just make this some future garage / Nu-Soul cross over that is to die for. If you haven’t copped his mix that I posted the other day you really should. Also I suggested on dubstepforum that I would love to hear a Grievous Angel and Joker collaboration and he was very happy about that and would love to do something, I for one would love to hear that…

TRG – Generation (Breakage Remix) [Naked Lunch]

Breakage is one of my top tips right now, he comes from the D’n’B scene and is pushing a proper eyes down huge bass thing that is so big that it will no doubt blow air at you through even the shittiest of speaker systems. He mixes up TRG’s Generation is style here. I love the way the bass mixes with the Lady Dub’s bass before it, I can mix these two forever and be happy.

Martyn & Marcus Intalex – After Seven [Revolver]

Another D’n’B dubstep mix going on here, Martyn has been making drum’n’bass for ages and making waves recently in the dubstep scene with some soulful rollers of his own. He hooks up with D’n’B legend Marcus Intalex on this 12” and it’s pretty special to be honest. After Seven sounds like Detroit techno with hip-hop samples gone stepping for the afternoon, it’s some next level stuff.

Shackleton – Shortwave (Pole Remix) [Scape]

Pole goes stupidly deep on a mix for the one and only Shackleton, I think this one will make it onto the next Skull Disco collection. The original Shortwave is on the last ever Skull Disco 12” a label which I can’t big up enough. This mix sounds like a wired phone in radio show that has gone all wrong and been hooked up to an alien spaceship that is obsessed with bass.

Martyn – Storm Watch [Revolver]

This is the B-Side to the other Martyn track I played, the jazzy melodies works so well with the phone sounds that I just had to mix them. The piano and skipping beats are just perfect, that bassline really moves me as well. Martyn really is a bit of a talent worth keeping your eye on.

Untold – Walking Through Walls [Hemlock]

Untold has to be one to watch his tracks are brilliant. There are a lot of atmospherics in the tracks, it’s like he is twisting Burial’s ambient nighttime London sounds onto the dance floor. Hemlock is his own label and I expect some next level stuff to pop out on it in no time. Listen out for when I manage to knock the needle of the platter half way through, it got a bit of fluff snagged in it and I decided to blow it a bit to hard to get it off and the fucker skipped hard…

Starkey – Angel [Creative Space]

Starkey aka Stark Bot is a master of street bass and this tune is no exception. I have already reviewed this 12” on this very blog not to long ago if you search through the archives. It’s a subtle yet pumping number that moves the floor with plenty of melody, it’s not one of his massive bangers but I think it’s pretty special. His new album is so good expect a review of that soon.

Matty G – The 808 Bass [Argon]

Matty G brings the half step bass power to the mix, another US native just like Starkey, I thought I would bring them together and use this huge track as a bit of a breakdown considering I haven’t rolled with the half step yet in this mix. The 808 Bass is a big one a bit like Loefah doing hip-hop or something, the female vocal snippets work so well with Starkey’s tune too.

Cluekid – Monkey Style [Subbalicious]

This is a wicked pink 12” from Subbalicious it’s proper party time Jungle Step with a bassline that sounds like Super Sharp Shooter and that kind of era Jungle productions. The drums are what drew me to this though, it’s just pure hyper skipping 2-step meets jungle riddims. The flip by Chef isn’t half bad either, talking of Bad L.D. and Kode 9’s Bad is on a similar tip and will no doubt feature in my next effort of a mix…

TRG – Post Rave Blues Part 1 [Tube]

TRG again and the man from Romania drops another deep deep deep beast on us. It has subtle dub and reggae influences while keeping the party rolling on a garage and techno tip. The mixing here isn’t to hot but it works, I got this tune and the next in the post right before I recorded so I wasn’t to familiar but they just had to go in. TRG is the king of the floor, he moves your feet as hard as your mind.

Shackleton – You Bring Me Down (Peverelist Remix) [Scape]

Peverelist ripping up Shack, what more do you want to know really?!? Well it’s the flip top the Pole mix I played earlier and it’s just something else. The beats are some next level rolling techno infused stepping that bring a mad driving groove to the table. I decided to pretty much mix this from the edge as it’s so huge and the drums just phat as hell. Get ready for more Shackleton latter I just couldn’t keep an original bit of his away from this mix…

Mala – Bury Da Bwoy [DMZ]

Mala is a legend in dubstep terms, no-one touches him on deep, paranoid dance floor meditation, you can’t for love nor money get his early releases he is THE pioneer and I wish he would step up and kick everyone’s arse with an album or something. Bury Da Bwoy is maybe my favourite Mala track, it’s a perfect mix of dubstep and techno styles, which is what got me hooked in the first place. The drums are funky and off-kilter, the bass is huge and subtle while the groove just keeps on rolling.

Peverelist – Die Brucke [Punch Drunk]

More Pev now but this time an original production on his own label Punch Drunk, which you just have to look out for the man has taste as well as talent and puts out some of the most outstanding 12”s in the scene. Die Brucke is one of my fave Pev joints the techy influence is brilliant. The synths are out there and hypnotic, where Peverelist really nails it though are in the drums, his beat programming is something else.

Made Up Sound – Density [Sub Solo]

Made Up Sound aka 2562 who featured so prominently in my first dubstep mix and pretty much pushed me into the genre, spanks out what I can only discrube as a freakin’ master stroke of techno / dubstep cross pollination. I had to pitch this up somewhat to fit the tempo, but you could play this in a techno set just as easily as a dubstep one and not really notice. The skipping drums funk the techno groove up so much, it’s like the old days of techno in Detroit all over again, the groove just propels forward and and takes you and the floor with it. Made Up Sound needs to stick out an album as the 2562 one was just brilliant.

Kontex – Plumes [Immerse]

Full circle we come back to Kontex, this one is a slow slow sub sonic dub techno, 4 to the floor number but I pitched it up like 19 % or something stupid on my super powered decks (this is all vinyl by the way). Plumes is deeps as fuck and just a perfect slab of dub techno that will mix into anything from the slowest electronica all the way up to the 140 bpm dubstep I have on show here, I would mix it with techno too if I was slipping it in here. A Ramadanman mix of this is dropping soon for people without super pitch capabilities.

Komonazmuk – Bad Apple [Hench]

Bad Apple is a dubstep passed techno bomb the beats are 4x4 and driving yet the groove some how has that swing to it that a good steppa just loves and feels in their bones. I really like this track, it’s featured on Appleblim’s Dubstep Allstars Vol.6 and is somewhat instrumental in pushing the sound on me since I was familiar with mixing techno and house before I found this sound…

Shackleton – El Din (Part One) [Mordant Music]

This is some of the newest Shackleton stuff around and my oh my its good, but what would you expect from the Skull Disco founder hey? It’s so deep and so dark with that old skool vibe to it, yet it’s so forward thinking that it’s just on another level. He is just doing his own thing and what a thing it is too, melodic strings drone away in a far east kind of style while the bass and drums rattle away like a dark dance floor shaker… Oh yeah ignor the beat clashing shit mix into this one if you will…

Digital Mystikz – Misty Winter [Soul Jazz]

To close the mix off and flow on from the mood Shack brought to the table I could only really go for Digital Mystikz really. I would have closed on Shack but I like to throw in an old surprise if I can to get the heads excited. This old Soul Jazz 12” is Mala and Coki at their best mixing mad rhythms with HUGE bass and pure soulful vibes. I read in an interview that this is one of Burial’s top tunes of all time and who is going to argue with that?!? Not me that’s for sure…

So that’s it, it fades to grey and you have been listening to my selection of the deepest / finest dub kuts I could string together. I hope you enjoyed it and had a good read through about all the amazing music, big up to all the artists and labels featured on the mix it really wouldn’t have been possible without your skills, beats and vibes.

I’m working on my next mix so keep your eyes and ears peeled for that on this very blog or the mix section of dubstepforums and the boards of Drowned in Sound where I like to hang when I can. It’s going to be wicked, I’m excited already.

Download here…

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