Friday, 3 October 2008

Montana – Montanimals

Montana from… the Midlands of course, are not a metal band they are much more than that. Heavy? Check. Guttural screaming? Check. Brutal guitars? Check, I could go on. Montana have a hardcore energy that oozes a pure brooding joyous zeal of monstrous proportions.

At first I didn’t quite get Montana, I mean sure it was a heavy beast of an album pretty straight forward I guess, nothing to complex or any curveballs thrown at you or anything like that. It was the vocals that I couldn’t quite get on board with, they didn’t seem to quite click or sit well with me. Then one night it hit me, I’m an idiot… The pure brutal screaming adds so much power and energy to the tracks; it’s some insane catharsis.

After these initial responses I found myself going back to the album time after time, you could say it’s grown on me like some kind of monstrous growth that grabs hold of you and wont let go until you are exhausted on the floor sweating and hot wondering what just happened.

The riff’s are catchy as hell each of the eight tracks has a similar vibe to it yet they have such a eccentric style that they keep you interested throughout. It’s a heavy band doing what they do well, no massive bells and whistles, just in your face hardcore edged bliss.

Stand out tracks include the opener Snakes’n’barrels with its rolling intro that opens out into heavy licks and that huge vocal scream, it sets the tone perfectly. The title track is another one to loose yourself too in a pit full of sweaty people, one of which has to have dreds and another in nu-metal shorts, that’s just the way it is I’m afraid.

I.V.F. brings the mood down to a brooding eyes down slow head banger with a dirty swagger. Potato Famine leaves you hungry for more (it actually does I didn’t write it just because it made me laugh) it has the most energetic and insane ending that you just want to keep going... Childrens Bones closes Montanimals with a nice weighty mellow vibe with a melodic edge to it.

Montana’s brand of brutality makes you keep on coming back for more as they do it with a big smile and tons of passion. This is some good shit.
(released on 20th November)

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