Thursday, 2 October 2008

Worriedaboutsatan – I Am a Crooked Man / Evil Dogs

Yet more slabs of Satan come my way from the Worriedaboutsatan camp and I’m far from worried about what they have to offer. The album Arrivals is shaping up to be a cracker, so far I’ve heard 3 finished tracks, these two I’m posting about and the title track Arrivals.

I Am a Crooked Man is a beautiful melancholic yet uplifting minimal monster with chords that shoot right through you and remind me of some Detroit techno of the ye olde days. The bass is huge and the kick’n’clicks really hit you and take it all forward. This would fit into a DJ set as much as an ambient electronic post rock set as it builds slowly into some epic guitar noise, before descending into fireworks and explosions that crack, fizz and pop all over the shop.

Evil Dogs was always one of my favourites from the early demo stages, its an echo drenched ambient brooder. By the time the high hat style sounds and throbbing kick come in your mesmerized and then you get some massive bass, that makes my speakers really work for it… cold air streams out of them and a faint smell of warm wires hits my face.

More of my words on satan

Worriedaboutsatan Space

More to come from these lot no doubt as the album is out next month and I’m hopping to see them Live.

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