Thursday, 16 October 2008


This is just getting silly now Hyperdub...

In the last month or so Hyperdub have been on a roll announcing some amazing 12"s of pure next level music, check this list out:


12" vinyl & Digital

A. King Midas Sound - 'Cool Out'
B1. King Midas Sound - 'One Ting' (Dabrye Remix)
B2. King Midas Sound - 'Lost' (Flying Lotus Remix)

for the delay folks. . .new release date is October 27th


12" vinyl & digital

A. Millie
B. Direct

Sorry for the delay folks. . .new release date is October 27th


2 x 12" vinyl & digital

A1 Zomby - 'Spaceman'
B1 Zomby - 'Kaliko'
B2 Zomby - 'Test Me For a Reason'
C1.Zomby - 'Aquafresh'
C2.Zomby - 'Gloop'
D1 Zomby - '1 Up'
D2 Zomby - 'Diamonds & Pearls'

November Release

HDB017 - Quarta 330

12' vinyl & digital

A. Quarta 330 - 'Sabacco'
B. Cardopusher - 'Homeless' (Quarta330 rmx)

Soon come

HYP008 Kode9 vs. LD - BAD E.P.

A. Kode9 vs. LD - 'Bad'
B. Kode9 vs. LD - '2 Bad'

November Release

More news and full audio soon at

You see what I mean hey?!?

It's probibly not the end of it either Darkstar's new track ‘Aidy’s Girl is a Computer’ has been played by Oneman on Generation Bass the other month and the tracklist say's it's a Hyperdub. Then when Burial unmasked himself he mentioned that an EP would be coming soon, he has since said on that very same blog that he is making the tracks at the moment and I for one can't wait for that. Plus he can take as long as he wants its Burial for goodness sake.

Hyperdub wow!

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