Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Seven Nautical Miles – Every Ocean Reversed

Sweden and other Scandinavian countries have a bit of a history of unleashing bands of the heavier end of the spectrum of rock music onto the rest of the world; maybe it’s something in the meatballs? After all meat is kind of metal and so is having balls…

Seven Nautical Miles are pretty heavy in a restrained kind of way, they know when to hold off and when to let loose. They are a kind of post-rock or post-metal band that do the epic quiteLOUDquite thing to great effect.

Each track clocks in at around the eight minuet and up mark and they paint some of the most furious, frazzled and melancholic sounds, that range from blissful melodies and chords to guttural screaming and some massive heavy riffs.

The music is fairly straightforward and stripped back, they take the normal kind of band set up with minimal effects and tomfoolery and out of that shape what can only be described as a primal emotional energy. It’s like they have harnessed a beast and taught him to sing, it’s probably a sea monster as well to fit in with the albums aesthetic and name.

If I listened to more black metal I might compare the vocals to this kind of style, but I don’t yet this sounds exactly like I would imagine it to sound like in my head. In places the screaming is so raw and gruff, like a low growl of a grizzly bear that enjoys a bit of metal on a weekend. At other times the vocals are fairly melodic, with harmonies that sometimes feature the scream and singing all at once.

At times Every Ocean Reversed is a little one passed, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as if you’re in the mood for the long and brooding arrangements then it’s very rewarding and grows on you with every listen.

Seven Nautical Miles are a heavy band that executes their ambitious experimental ideas with a brutal sadness and a doom drenched sludge of guitar riffs. They build tension really well in their compositions and the pay off is no damp squelch in some forgotten sea either.

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