Friday, 17 October 2008

Maths + Throats – Split EP

First up on this Holy Roar split EP are Maths a three piece hardcore / screamo band: they don’t just scream for the sake of it, they have passion and can write one hell of a tune. They prove this over the course of their five tracks with a great deal of quality, aggression and skill. Each of them can really play hard and agility, they are on the look out for another bassist now mind as he went to uni… Heavy Heart kicks things off with some huge pounding drums and screaming to die for. This is music to let all your anger and passion out to it’s cathartic as hell. Statue Of Her keeps the riffs coming and the emotions running then slides into a tender breakdown with shiny guitars and primal beats. The fragile beginnings of Breath As If It Were A Story give way to Maths closing track Solace, which just slams out the riffs and screamo energy. Short, sweet, brutal, to the point and well thought out: Maths shred.

Throats are a slightly more epic metal meets punk five man shred machine they can do it short and sweet or stretch it out a little bit more while still keeping the brutal energy. Headclouds sets off their side with some grinding buzz saw riffs that aim to take your face right off in the darkest manner possible. the energy of Locked Blue is just something else and the licks they spaff out are some of the best in the business. The stop / start antics of Reign Of Low suck you in then throw you off before smashing your head in and pummelling it into the middle of the pit. If I had a comedown like Comedown I would probably seek help and order myself a straight jacket; pretty intense. The finale comes in the form of Deathnaps but if you think it’s going to make you sleep you have another thing coming, the riffs are catchy as hell.

Maths + Throats combine on this EP so well, they compliment each other and both bring something different to the table. I can only imagine the carnage they both produce live. Slam this on and let it all out, go on…

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