Monday, 20 October 2008

Big Scary Monsters Autumn Collection Sampler

The Monsters spank out another one of their excellent samplers for the Autumnal season this time. Get yourself over to and get it on the download it’s totally free and features some awesome artists.

This Town Needs Guns: Well I have talked alot about these guys recently after seeing them live and reviewing their album Animals for this very blog and 3barfire. All you need to know is they have to be heard…

Tubelord: They are a wicked band that just keep getting better with every release and the new tracks I heard them play live not so long ago where crackers. BSM are releasing a tasty 7” of theirs. Oh yeah they make a mad punky, poppy, deranged sound that makes you want to move in strange ways.

Pulled Apart By Horses: I was thinking just the other month when I saw these guys supporting That Fucking Tank and Dananananaykroyd in Leeds that I wish someone would pick them up and release some stuff. Then low and behold I find out one of my favourite labels Big Scary Monsters did just that; the new 7” is going to drop soon it’s called Meat Balloon and the artwork looks pretty damn hot too.

Mimas: I’m not very well versed on what Mimas are like apart from the excellent video I got hooked up with not long ago that featured some sexy sock puppet action along with a wicked song.

Native: I’ve really not heard of these guys but they are apparently BSM’s new favourite band so I will have to give them a good listen hey after that endorsement.

Grab it now for free and check out the rest of the stuff on BSMrocks too they have a wicked set of podcasts to download along with a nice roster of artists to check out. I do enjoy reading the blog too...

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