Monday, 31 August 2009


Back again with a mini round up of records from my bag, check out more in-depth pieces including interviews and mixes on the badass Sonic Router.

Gatekeeper/Appleblim & Gatekeeper – Hades/Tomb VIP [Immerse]
Dark doom fuelled steppa with a jungelist vibe and the ghost of Skull Disco looming near, you really can hear the original spirit of dubstep on this platter: Immense from Immerse.

Pearson Sound – PLSN/WAD [Hessle Audio]
It bleeps and bounces like a squirrel trapped in a box on the dance floor and is easily one of the most addictive 12”s around. PLSN goes a little deeper and WAD keeps it funky.

Karizma – Neccessarry Maddness/Drumz Nightmare [R2]
Some broken funky house with a raw edge from the US, the A side comes on like a sugar rush with its bleeps and breaks the flip takes things on a more soulful tip.

Goth-Trad – Dark Path/S.A.T.U.R.N [Deep Medi]
Big soundsystem bangers from Japan, one mellow and spaced out while the other one is on an intense techno-like tip. The more I listen the more I get hooked.

Shorstuff - A Rusteling/Stuff [Ramp]
Incredible first solo outing on a 12” from Shortstuff, A Rustling is so broken it hurts (in a good way), the bass is fucked and both tracks come on like a shot of adrenaline to the heart.

Spamchop & Geiom – Cave Rave/Sirius Star [Berkane Sol]
Speed boating into focus like a mutant techy garage hybrid, it wouldn’t be out of place on a SNES racing game, while the other side Cave Rave gives a broken energetic bleep out with an awesome bass drone.

Rustie – Bad Science EP [Wireblock]
Killer EP from Glasgow’s finest imprint, low swung crunked out bleeps and bass that sounds like your copy of Mario got a virus that gave it a mind of its own and it turns out he’s a bit evil. The title track comes on like Zombie Nation era electro trance being kicked down the stairs by Terror Danjah.

Unknown Artist – Space Invader/Human [Dancing Demons]
Mysterious 12” yet again from this new label, Space Invader jabbers and pummels you with bass before having to load up Atari style in the drop. The flip is deep and has one hell of a switch up after the drop.

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