Saturday, 15 August 2009

Golau Glau

The dreamy electronic duo Golau Glau haven’t been around to long and like to keep themselves to themselves making music when they can, in fact they only started making music together in June and dropped a free single called ‘Soft Silver Young’ in July this year. They describe their music as Silver Pop as it seems to come from a different place they bring together off-kilter electronics and beautiful vocals to create something that’s truly theirs. There music hasn’t gone un-noticed in their short time either they’ve already had props from the Guardian’s new music Wednesday slection, Mr Beatnick and Blue Daisy not to mention an impressive selection of others like Shortstuff and Numan commenting on their myspace page.

The links to download the debut net single can be found bellow and if that’s not enough they put up tracks they finish on Last FM for your downloading pleasure. There are ten tracks there under the ‘Arrianna’ section. These Silver Pop nuggets range from all out dreamy numbers to more beat fuelled dance orientated tracks and they all have this otherworldly mellow vibe that’s both strange and wonderful all at once. It’s brought on by the beautiful juxtaposition of vocals and electronics, which can be hard to come by at times but here its done so well and gives Golau Glau an instantly accessible appeal.

Some of my Silver Pop highlights so far are… the rolling sunshine tinted ‘Summer Games’ the percussion and woozy organ sounds do it for me. The glitchy beats on ‘Virtual Boy’ sound like a Gameboy playing breakbeat while rolling down a hill but this is all done under hazy vocals it’s a brilliant wonk-fuelled 8-bit meets Portishead variation of some kind, brilliant. Something about ‘Le Dame Blanche’ and ‘The Moon Illusion’ reminds me of the italo disco stylings of Sally Shapiro but a lot more dreamy. ‘A Better Drinker’ has an almost dubstep beat to it with a heatbeat vibe to it that suits the laid back lyrical delivery and spaced out soundscapes really well. The catchy little number ‘Snap’ with the line “boys boys records, crazy noise records” makes me smile over a 80s infused almost Postal Service backing works really well. ‘Placer Hush’ is another highlight again it’s the mad electronics that make it for me.

Check them out for your self on the links bellow…

Golau Glau – Soft Silver Young

Golau Glau – Arrianna



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