Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Anata Wa Sukkari Tsukarete Shimai – Sweetness & Light EP [Bearsuit Records]

The project between Japanese experimental artists _, Bradford’s Gnomefoam and Bunny has already produced one exhilarating EP for net label Rack & Ruin, in fact you can read about that here and even go and download it for free very soon. The name of that project was the Horror Punk EP full of noisy elements with a playful feel to it, the Sweetness & Light EP for Bearsuit Records is the flip side to that, a down beat dreamy affair that’s all together easier on the ear but just as sonically ambitious.

There is a really beautiful fuzzy dream like daze on the Sweetness & Light EP, shimmering guitars with shoegaze like qualities a build hazy atmosphere. The songs aren’t as insane as the Horror Punks EP here you get to know the more melancholic side to their musical bows. There’s a glitchy electronic feel to the music but it’s not mechanical and cold, it’s the complete opposite in fact, full of warmth and really playful and organic.

Some of my favourite tracks are the wonderful opener ‘Forsake’ with the robo voice opening and sublime guitar shimmer that builds a subtle soundscape around the beautifully sweet vocals buy I presume _ as they’re on Japanese are just gorgeous. The way AWSTS use found sounds in their songs always makes me smile, you hear crackles of what sounds like fire or just everyday things you cant quite put your finger on but they really give the music a living breathing feel. The track ‘Bearskin’ shows this wonderfully with a windswept whistle running through it, which makes you feel like you’re stuck alone on the moors. But the track isn’t as simple as that it breaks out into playful bleepy electronica like your still stuck out on the moors alone but you’ve started hallucinating. This group often send you in new and interesting tangents.

Sweetness & Light flows so beautifully there is a real emotional feel to this music, even when the vocals are obscured in fuzzy dream like distortion at times you can just feel an underlying sense of sadness. At times here AWSTS remind me of a lo-fi M83 without the big cheesy epic ambition, its more subtle than that though and more personal.

Anata Wa Sukkari Tsukarete Shimai make some beautiful and insane music sometimes all at once, they are a diverse bunch of artists that come together here to create a beautifully EP that both pulls on your heart strings and makes interesting new shapes with a wonderful sonic pallet. They will draw you in an demand repeated listens.

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