Saturday, 22 August 2009

Elemental – 925/Arise [Reduction Records]

Originally written for Sonic Router.

Dark, tough and techy jungelist vibes from Elemental that’s rolling out like thunder on Reduction Records with two heavy weight floor shakers. Both sound like they come from a different world, one where giant creatures speak in bass bubbles in open space while they construct a giant death star.

925 comes on like a spaceships control panel, all wurring glowing sounds with dubbed out bleeps before the almost jungle like techy breaks roll out under a solitary female voice wailing in the space behind. When the control panel sounds switch up in a sudden burst of energy before the bass drops this track really comes to life. The bass is dark as hell the subs down low pound you as alien jabbers shake the rest.

The flip side comes in the shape of Arise, this takes the spaced out synth hooks and put them up front with rattling drums before really letting go with the bass weight. The bass lines on this one drag you in, they’re addictive and sound massive. The snare comes off sounding like a heavy-duty cyber hammer of some sort, smashing metal in an unknown atmosphere.

Elemental has constructed a deep and sinister vision on this Reduction Records platter and proves that the darkness is still very much alive in dubstep today. This is well worth a look.

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