Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Gold Panda – Miyamae EP [Various Productions]

Various Productions have branched out their label into releasing music from others the first of which being Gold Panda who has been around a bit on remix duties for indie types like Bloc Party, Telepathe, Little Boots and Simian Mobile Disco, usually that’s a bit of a put off but this debut EP of original material is damn nice and dismisses the suspicion of a big book of industry connections over talent really quickly, I hope I can be forgiven for this first impression but the indie remix hasn’t exactly been fertile ground of late.

Gold Panda makes a subtle sort of glitchy electronica not unlike some Four Tet, interesting and quite easy on the ear. The three tracks on the Miyamae EP go from a glitch ridden looped out techno on ‘Mayuri’ and ‘Back Home’ that’s almost reminiscent of The Field in that it samples live instruments and twists them into new shapes, to more electronica based slightly off-kilter stuff like on ‘Long Vacation’ which almost has a glitch-hop/dubstep feel to it.

The Miyamae EP is a nice introduction into the world of Gold Panda ‘Mayuri’ is the most dance floor orientated of the bunch and one of the highlights, ‘Long Vacation’ comes a close second for its twisting up of old Super Nintendo game sounds. It’s a very enjoyable listen indeed, Various Productions have spread the net on their label wider and hit Gold… Panda.

GOLD PANDA - Back Home from NO-FACE Films on Vimeo.



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