Sunday, 23 August 2009

Jack Sparrow – The Chase/Jack Sparrow & Biggins – Fullest [Tectonic]

Originally written for Sonic Router.

Leeds producer and DJ Jack Sparrow has had a few releases under his belt for the likes of Senseless, Contagious and Pinch’s other label ‘Earwax but now he is to drop his first 12” for Tectonic. These two tracks are definitely heavy weight Tectonic material; with that deep techy spacious sound the label is known for and does so well.

The Chase opens the 12” in deep dark style with rolling tribal drums and pummelling sub bass. With dubbed out samples saying ‘Hard…core’ adding more dark space. The drums really propel this one as does the sense of dread the shadowy sounds bring. It’s an excellent example of dark dubstep.

Biggins joins Sparrow for the flip Fullest. It’s a slightly more soulful affair with midnight soul stabs over jungelist bass and skipping drum patterns. There is still that spacious techy vibe; it’s got that deep meditation feel to it that makes you want to close your eyes and let the track carry you.

Jack Sparrow is definitely one to watch and currently working on his debut album for release on ‘Earwax. And if his recent mix on Mary Anne Hobbs’ Experimental is anything to go by it proves he has plenty up his sleeve. But for now set your eyes on this Tectonic plate and take in the vibrations.

For an added extra why not download some of his free dubs…

One & Two.

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