Sunday, 8 June 2008

Balearic Skirmish

Today I’m feeling a little lazy, well you know it’s a Sunday and I’m chillin’. So what better way to relax than some Balearic beats from Pualy P and his cool blog Balearic Skirmish? He is a record collecting wonder freak with an ear for some brilliant tunes and it shines through on his mixing too. A Few of his mixes are up already: an ace chill out ambient one called Crazy Sleep, which is pure bliss, filled with sounds of the sea and all that good stuff. He then steps it up a little bit with a cosmic disco mix full of spaced out sounds and chugging groves this is called Cosmic Skirmish, sublime, sunshine groves. To top it all off he also sticks up tunes from his collection often rare and often brilliant. Pualy P is no stranger to the decks he has played over many years in many clubs the most recent I know of is the bar in the Scala London at KeToLoCo, I haven’t been there yet unfortunately but the mixes he recorded from the nights are sweet, maybe he should stick them up on his blog too.

Pualy P send me this mix I’m about to link you to quite some time ago and it’s so good, I still play it often. I haven’t got a track list right now, but I have asked him for one if he can remember what he played. I know for sure there is some Aphex Twin, Burial, Eno and KLF the rest escapes my mind right now. It’s an ambient DJ mix called S’No Beats and yep you guessed it, there isn’t a single beat, just blissed out melancholy sounds for your ears to get soothed by on dark long nights, it was a winter recording as well, which you can guess from the name. Anyway I’m going to shut up now. Grab it…

Pualy P – S’No Beats

P.S. The photo is his too its of Es Vedra in Ibiza, one magical rock not to far from the mythical Atlantis.

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