Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Dubstep Allstars: Vol.06 Mixed By Appleblim

This is one hell of a mix and I have been listening to a lot of dubstep mixes recently, its had some tough opposition to go up against, from the likes of Kode 9 Vs. FlyLo and Martyn. This album is a up there with the best of them though and a perfect show case for the cutting edge of the dubstep sound right now. Appleblim is a sublime selector of the finest dubplates new and old, he makes this instalment of Tempa’s Dubstep Allstars shine.

I’m familiar with some of these tunes already and they fit so well in this mix. Artists such as 2562, Martyn and Ramadanman have all been mentioned on this blog before, on Vol.6 they continue to bring the sweet noise with them.

Preverelist catches my eyes and ears with his deep dubby sounds with a slow crunching echo to them. Appleblim even proves himself to be more than just an amazing record selector and mixer by colaberating on the Apple Pips release Circling with Preverelist. The two opening tracks then melt away into the soul tinged Get Up by Pinch that is now maybe a Dubstep classic with its 2-step rhythm and vocal funky house leanings.

The next two tunes are 2562’s Moog Dub and Martyn’s Suburbia these tracks are just pretty much perfect to my ears anyway. Both of them perfectly sum up this new tech driven dub sound. They also start to bring the mix into its element by upping the anti a little, each track builds and builds the flow of the mix its pretty special. 2562’s album seems to be selling well if the Boomkat top sellers chart is anything to go by and this Martyn track must be well hot too as I can’t find it on 12” at all.

Jus Wan reminds me of a break beat tech house mash up with of course a heavy does of dub. Its also another fine release from Apple Pips, this new imprint has got lots going for it right now. The filtered twinkle of the synths make this track a real treat and add that deep Basic Channel duby techno sound to the mix. Which is handy as the master of that kind of mash up is up next in the blender: 2562 and his sub bass monster Movern. This has an almost four to the floor kick to it and it really ups the tempo a notch, and veers into full on techno territory more so that any other tune so far. The bongos and bass keep it routed in the dubstep though with its funky swing.

TRG & Selector Dub U bring some nice clicky percussion into the proceedings and a stop start flavour to the beat loop that makes the building synth really come out and move you. Perverelist is next up and its his third track on Vol.06 so Appleblim obviously thinks highly of him. This time it’s a more upbeat and techier number as appose to the more dub influenced slow beginners. Ace tune too, the break down sounds like a heart beat that stops as the bass and synth take over again.

Now past the halfway stage, and Skream makes an appearance with an exclusive on a dubplate. The mix really picks up with this one, you can really hear the techno influence shining through in the beats and pace, well more the feeling than the tempo as dubstep is quite a bit quicker than techno. RSD has a old skool drum’n’bass feel to it like super sharp shooter by Zinc or something like that but updated for the techy dubstep crowd.

Mungo’s Hi-Fi and their track Babylon is kind of like the midsection breakdown tune. With its ace dubby intro of reggae sample giving way to an irresistible growling dirty baseline. The name and sound of this tune gives me images of long lost dub sound systems and open-air parties with BBQ’s and beers.

Komonazmuk brings the techno four to the floor dubstepping right back into it with two slices featuring him in a row. The first Bad Apple on his own and the second the excellently titled Cheeky Herbert with Gatekeeper. At first I though Komonazmuk was a Japanese name but then I read it again and it sounds like a pun in Yorkshire. Any way these two tracks are absolute bangers and propel this mix further to its peak. Dubstep some how manages to be fast yet sound slow all at once, because of its dub style that adds a spacyness to the 140 odd BPM tempos. Cheeky Herbert is maybe one of my favourite tracks its so dirty and has some wicked funky samlples.

TRG smack out a trio of tracks now two being remixes by two of the scenes bright lights the first being Ramadanman and the second being Martyn. First up is an original TRG joint though. Its more deep dub fueled stepping this time its pretty quick and sure to get the floor moving. Ramadanman pulls out a cracking mix of Put You Down that has a tight electro sounding drum that skips and pierces your ear as the bass messages you from deep down. Martyn’s mix of Broken Heart is just ace another contender for track of the compilation. A looped sample of warm sounding synth drops into a ravey motif that is just brilliant.

The final track is by Gelom Featuring Marita it’s the dubplate version of Reminissin’ it has a 2-step feel to it and a thumping four to the floor beat. Some nice vocals to end the mix on a high and with a smiley tone to boot. Then it’s all over leaving you gagging for more and a rewind.

Appleblims mix for Tempa’s Dubstep Allstars is a real treat for your ears. One of the very best DJ mix albums I have heard since Villalobos’s beast on the Fabric series. The flow is exceptional the tune selection spot on every tune leads perfectly to the next and makes the journey a real treat. I can’t wait to keep listing to this stuff, keep it up Appleblim.

I’m not sure how to follow that now so I’m off to go and watch Marth Marenghi’s Darkplace...

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