Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Hammock – Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow

Hammock are a two man post-rock band from Nashville in the USA. I say post-rock, Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow is more of an ambient work. There is a hint of Sigur Rós and Stars Of The Lid to Hammock’s music, it’s entirly instrumental and has an orcestral sound to it. Live instruments are subtely combined with digital effects and loops to create a beautiful sweeping and sad soundscape. Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow reminds me of Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient works II and of some of Eno’s work. Very laid back as the name would suggest, Hammock have made a wonderful album for late nights and dark days. Its raining while I write this and this is a brilliant soundtrack to it.

To my ears Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow isn’t a massive sonic inovation, but it is so well exictuted and arranged that it doesn’t matter that other artists sound kind of like them. In-fact I got a mix tape (well mp3… I still call them tapes) called S’No Beats last year and much of that sounded quite like this, and to my knowledge not a single Hammock song was involvend. S’No Beats is beautiful acctualy I will ask the DJ who made it (That’s you Pauly Pea!) if I can host it on this blog.

Each song is the sound of ambient bliss, the loops and subtle distorted guitar lines fill the room like a ghostly preminition of long lost mountains or something else just as epic. Violins and pads of sound bring a mellow and meloncholy atmosphere to many of the tracks. As a whole Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow is a wonderful album I don’t think I can pick out a single track as a highlight, as they are all so beautiful and it flows so well. One of the ambient albums of the year so far for sure. They don’t get round to singing for us on this record really, but they might do tomorrow I guess.

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