Saturday, 14 June 2008

Pluxus – Solid State

Kompakt are known for releasing minimal and electronic music of the highest order and with this release they haven’t stopped this trend. Pluxus are a full band that makes sublime electro tunes that move the mind as much as the toes. The songs may even tug your heartstrings; the warmth is enough to make you feel it that’s for sure. Solid State is full of almost poppy tracks that could be the darker side of Hot Chip if they had an English man singing about wrestlers and boys from his school on top. They don’t however have much of a vocal input at all; in fact voice is only really used as a layering device to add more lush sounds to the mix.

I’m pretty sure this is a re-release rather than a new album, but I wasn’t aware of it the first time around and it doesn’t sound like it has aged at all, you can’t pin an era down to it. Pluxus could be onto a winner with Solid State it might be this years From Here We Go Sublime by The Field. There aren’t many similarities in the sound to the two albums, apart from the mellow and melancholy edge the songs have, they are executed in very different ways though. The Field uses loops to seduce and Pluxus use warm synth sounds and glitchy beats.

Solid State is a joy to listen to day or night, summer sun or winter darkness, if you want to chill or if you want to party it strangely works for both, for me anyway, I’m a bit strange…

So with the glitches of Aphex the swing of Fly Lo and the accessibility of Hot Chip; Pluxus should be massive, I have a feeling this is going to be a slow burner though. It has already been around for a few years at least and hasn’t been massive or a crossover indie-electro hipster chic record. Kompakt picking it up and giving it a higher profile should help quite a lot in getting it to peoples ears, and I’m very sure it will find a place in their hearts as it has done mine. Check out the track Kinoton from the album bellow…

Stand out tracks: Transient, Perm, Kinoton, Contax, Corrose, Sansui.


Pluxus - Kinoton

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