Thursday, 26 June 2008

The Field Live at Berghain, Berlin.

Berghain is hailed as one of the best clubs around and maybe even the capital of Techno in recent times. The minimal gods and goddesses descend upon this Berlin hangout like chic party monsters ready for the legendary Berlin nightclub scene to engulf them in sparse beats until the early hours and beyond. Of course I have never been to this place, I’m just guessing, I have made it sound fun though haven’t I…

I had been unsure on whether to get myself the Field album From Here We Go Sublime since last year. At first I wasn’t convinced at all, the loops just got annoying and it all seemed a little too simple, I guess you can say I just didn’t get it. This has changed and the reason why is this live set a seamless mix recorded from the soundesk of Berlins

Kompakt’s techno Swede plays 53 minuets of his own looped out mellow beats and soundscapes, at least I’m pretty sure its all The Field’s work I can’t find a track list anywhere. Its smooth yet beautiful, not the kind of techno to kick your ass all over the dance floor but the kind of stuff you can fall asleep to if the mood takes you. I’m sure in a club this set would make you move and want to dance with pretty girls with all your best minimal European house moves, and drinking strange cocktails. But lets face it we are stuck at home or on a bus with this mp3 to listen to, and it works just as well, well almost, I guess…

The Field Live at Berghain, Berlin. [Alt Lnk]

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sing_o_muse said...

Thanks for putting this up. The Field are f--ing brilliant.

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