Saturday, 7 June 2008

Dananananaykroyd – Sissy Hits

Sissy Hits has been a long time coming Dananananaykroyd had some trouble getting it released because a record labels ran out of money and that sort of gubbins. Sissy Hits is well worth the wait though, it’s six tracks of pure fight pop, hardcore, punk, indie, rock action with balls of steel and a massive heart. I’m so glad it got a release on Holy Roar as its one of my favourite labels as they spit out Rolo Tomassi stuff along with others. In the pipeline is an album, which is being recorded in August this year and not my predicted 3006, they are also in talks with someone to be their label, which is ace news. Anyway for now lets talk about Sissy Hits…

Dananananaykroyd bring a sound to the table that I haven’t heard so well done in quite some time. The songs twist and turn yet in an entirely accessible way it’s the song structures that are really inventive and off the wall on Sissy Hits. It rocks hard yet also has its feet in the indie camp too, with an eye for hardcore to boot, a mishmash that works a treat. And wait for it they have two drummers yep that’s right two; I love bands with two drummers. I can’t even think of a band they sound like, although Dananananaykroyd use the traditional rock band set up well with added drum kit, they sound pretty unique. Live they are meant to be something else, as in brilliant not something else as in a hobo in leggings that would just be strange.

The Greater Than Symbol And The Hash kicks Sissy Hits off with big beats, guitar pings and claps. The sound is really punchy and everything is damn well recorded for a little band with no cash. The first section breaks out into a mad session of rocking feedback and a tempo change that will get people moving at shows for sure. Fight Pop is an ace description, and as we get drenched in feedback not unlike some kind of Sonic Youth tune and drop back into some chugging riffs you can hear where the tag came from.

One After One has a chirpy guitar riff at the beginning that gets me smiling. Dananananaykroyd drop some dirty sounds in there before popping back into chirpy mode again, and building with percussion. The vocals go from your regular indie/rock style to gruff shriek. The line, ‘We are the party’ brings us to the end of that one, and they certainly are.

Cleaning Each Other has some rumbling beats from pretty much all the drums and a swinging guitar line that plays off it. This tune has a pretty intense rock build up filled with repeated riffs until you just want it to drop.

British Knights skits along with bouncing bass lines and driving riffs, with some speedy sung moments. To be honest I’m not really sure what these songs are about just yet, I’m just in love with the sound of it all.

1993 is a cracking tune with thumping 4x4 beats at the beginning with a hot as hell guitar motif. This stuff will get you moving for sure. The lyric, ‘We will turn your hissy fits into sissy hits’ shines through, as does the screaming of, ‘1993’. This one’s a growler, yet slows to a beautiful number at the end.

Infinity Milk (Outro Version) leaves the listener gagging for more with its teasing 50 odd seconds of perfect Fight Pop that starts just as you are ready to kick off and really go for it and screams at you too, the cheeky swine’s.

Dananananaykroyd’s Sissy Hits is a triumph and I’m so glad it has reached my ears finally; I was so surprised to see it on my doormat yesterday morning. Holy Roar has another ace release under their belts. What an EP this is, from one of the most exciting new bands around right now. Don’t just take my word for it either. Go and check out the myspace here, and some random types shouting about its greatness here, oh and the 10/10 review of Sissy Hits from DiS here. Then go to the shows, buy the T-Shirts and the EP, you will soon be gagging for them to get in the studio to record an album. Viva La Fight Pop revolution!

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