Saturday, 28 June 2008


Pyramids conjure up some mad images, not the huge imposing mysterious Egyptian tombs, although that isn’t a bad description for what is currently freaking my ears out. Pyramids is the self titled debut album from this Hydra Head Records artist from god knows where. It doesn’t really sound like they are from this world, or if they are they only came to use our instruments. Metal and Post Rock are obvious touch stones for Pyramid they are combined into something damn new sounding, to my ears anyway. The badass scariness of Metal is mixed with the down right freaked out instrumentals of Post Rock. The drums are freakin’ ace they stomp away in the background as another layer in the fuzzed masses of sound. Each tune sounds like the un-dead rearing their head, from somewhere you didn’t know existed, and they ate all the drugs they could get their hands on while they were at it. Pyramids are dirty and down right wrong, this is shoegaze for freaks, freaks like me it would seem as its strangely addictive and alluring, while staying deeply disturbing. The soundtrack to pure evil, pure unadulterated, brilliant evil, evil has never sounded so intense and beautiful.

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