Friday, 20 June 2008

Girl Talk – Feed The Animals

This is a soundtrack to a party if ever I heard one, a party full of anyone that happens to be passing, as it is so eclectic that anyone will find a little bit they can bump to at least. A pure pop/hip-hop/rock/indie/dance mash up from Girl Talk, the master of it along with Soulwax in-fact he is a kind of mix between Diplo’s hip-hop/Baltimore/dub/dance sound and Soulwax’s more populist approach to the mash up. Feed The Animals is Girl Talk’s latest album and is available from his website to download for what ever price you choose, just like Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails have done recently.

Where to start with this freaky mash-up then, well its kind of like a Jive Bunny and the Mix Masters for 2008. I think he released it with this method as it’s full to the brim with up front pop hits and if he waited a while to drop it then it would be pretty out of date in no time at all. Pop music is fickle so give it to the animals while it’s hot. There are up front hip=hop/rap stars such as: UGK, Ludacris, Timberland, T.I., Lil’ Wayne and Jay-Z, that is just in the first track too. Feed The Animals is very hip-hop heavy indeed. It’s used as the basis for all the tracks really. Pop moments are pleantyful too with the likes of Avril Lavigne and Britney Spears playing alongside more classic pop tunes from the likes of: Huey Lewis and the News, Procol Haum and Jackson 5. As you can see it’s a full on mix up of all sorts put through the blender and it’s a real treat as a party album.

My Favourite moments are the ones with the rocky moments and just down right classic tunes get dropped in the mix as they bring the most smiles. The up front hip-hop gubbins kind of passes my by as its all American heavy, as in what’s big over there rather than here so many of those tracks I haven’t heard. Go and listen to it for yourself, dig in I’m sure there is something for everyone here.

All the samples used are on this

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