Friday, 13 June 2008

High Places

As they are supporting Deerhunter on their current tour and I’m going to the Leeds gig woo hoo! I thought I would check them out, its pretty cool too. High Places make a tropical space indie mishmash that is very enjoyable indeed. I have only heard the tunes that are available for download in their myspace but it is a brilliant little taster. I believe they have an album out that can be downloaded from e-music.

High Places are from Brooklyn, New York and there seems to be a bit of a tropical sounding indie scene emerging right now, which all sounds a bit like your actually inside The Lion King imagine that…

I’m talking about artists such as El Guincho and Abe Vigoda who bring a bit of a tropical worldly sound to both spacey indie music and punk respectively. Not to mention the more mainstream indie darlings Vampire Weekend and Born Ruffians who have a smidgen of Africa to them in places.

High Places are just a two-piece band featuring Mary Pearson and Robert Barber, Mary being on vocals on the tunes I have heard anyway. She has a sweet mellow voice that sits beautifully on the spaced out other worldly percussion and loops, in an echo bed of sweet, sweet joy. The songs are adorable and I can’t wait to see how they are performed live, oh wait a second there is a video bellow.

Check out their myspace
here for some songs to download for free and other info.

Check out their blog
here to read some lyrics and see some pictures amongst other things.

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