Saturday, 21 June 2008

NHG - Black Plaque

This is a mysterious dark yet silly laptop metal band named after, ‘Nervous Hugh Grant’ yeah that’s right the actor dude with the floppy bumble. I say mysterious it’s Dananananaykroyd having a laugh in their tour bus last week. They posted it for free download on DiS not to long ago, and as they are one of may favourite new bands I thought I would stick it right up here for you too.

This is how it was introduced:
‘If you hate yourself or like stupid, digitally-treated, sloppy metal music played by dumb nerds, check it out!’

So I have done and it’s exactly what it says on the tin. A tech driven evil metal mash-up, with the right amount of fun, and riffs, but you expect nothing less from Dananananaykroyd right? Yep…

This is what the liner notes say:

NHG - Black Plaque
Recorded live in an hour by Ross McGowan at Chime 2008
and processed / mixed on a laptop in a van touring the UK as Dananananaykroyd

Calum Gunn - Computer
James Hamilton - Drums/Guitar
David Roy - Guitar/Drums

1. The Day John Bonham Woke Up
2. One Does Not Simply Baseball Into Mordor
3. Baldrick
4. Shoko Nakagawa, Mai Waifu
5. We Can Be NHG
6. ...And The Wolf Was Geri Halliwell's Intestine (Parts 1 & 2)
7. When Is This Dennis Pennis Tennis, Venice
8. Mister Sister's Leather Moustache
9. Our Initials Spell CJD, Which Is What Mad Cow Disease Is Called When Humans Get It By The Way
10. Bad Body


NHG – Black Plaque Download


The cow said...

These are some of the greatest sounds I've heard all year, and yet it's just three (quite talented) guys messing about!

James said...

Damn right the cow, or should I say cowcow...

It's a wicked set of tunes, I have been playing it quite a bit.

They have a tallent for making up names those lot too.

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