Thursday, 3 July 2008

Duke Spook – Dead Weight EP

Duke Spook is a dubstep producer from Sheffield and this is the first time I have come across him to be honest. And to quote Skream on the poster, ‘Fuckin deep’ and I aren’t going to argue with him on that account. Dead Weight is four tracks of deep atmospheric stepping with electronic soundscapes and heavy dubbed out bass. It’s not all doom though it’s got a rave edge to it that kicks some dance floor ass.

There is real emotional weight behind the ambient segments to each tune a world wary sadness perforates each tune. The sound of Urban decay maybe? That’s what your meant to write in dubstep reviews yeah? Track one Crosswaves sets off with some atmospheric loops not unlike dark drum’n’bass of ye olde times, and I believe Duke Spook was part of that at one point under a different name. The drums are crisp and punchy in an almost two-step fashion while the bass has a real down low throb to it. The tune really kicks off when the raving tones growl at you in the mid section. There is a techy feel to these tunes some where between Burial ambiance and Pinch’s DubTeking.

Duul’s Rage Against Jah is the second tune and is pretty damn evil sounding, with high growls of pure dirt over a slow drum that slams as a bass builds tension behind. The tune chills a little after this opening into a dub infused Ragga shuffle with a hint of Balearic guitar even thrown in for good measure. That beastly growl comes back mind and it’s going to take you some place dirty. Which of course is more rave action with a big rhythmic break featuring fat bass loops that sound not unlike the most evil cars known to human kind rushing past you on a dark motorway.

Brooklyn Bridge has a beat that skips and skits way more than the other tracks here. It’s a real deep, dark, moody number; one of my favourites for the drum beats alone. It has an organic feel to it that stands out nicely. It’s not a massive dance floor beast like say Crosswaves is but a real good dubstep listen all the same. Fade to black…

Futurepasts closes the EP and I can tell you right now there is no dead weight on, umm, the Dead Weight EP Duke Spook has made a cracker. This track has a breakbeat feel to it and a big bass that’s infused with some seriously nice loops that are pretty beautiful and counterbalance the evil sound of that bassline. There is an echo drenched sadness that I like to hear in dubstep in Duke Spooks work. Overall not spectacular but damn good all the same.

Duke Spook Space

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