Sunday, 20 July 2008

Martyn Vs. TRG

Martyn and TRG go head to head on Marry Anne Hobbs Experimental show on Radio 1 and it went off big time. Both artists are hot as hell and making some serious beats, Martyn is doing some kind of tech-house influenced deep soul wrenching dubstep tip it moves your mind like no other stepping right now in my opinion. TRG is making some dance floor bombs with a slight 2-step shuffle and a massive techno influence. Both mixes are tight as hell and amazing check out the track list bellow, not only do we get exclusive tunes from Martyn’s ace 3024 label and some more 2562 but awesome remixes from one of my favourite artists Flying Lotus. Martyn’s heart beat mix of RobertaFlack is special as is FlyLo’s mix of Natural Selection. Off the hook, and that’s just Martyn’s set. TRG drops and exclusive tune he made especially for the show and brings it big style for the rest. Get it on the download and heavy roation right now…

1. Flying Lotus feat Lil Wayne - Robo Tussin
2. Birdy Nam Nam - Boulogne Express
3. Cotti - Public Enemy Dub
4. Balansky aka Cooh - ?
5. Jaques Lauder - Reject (techno re-work)
6. Mr Beatnik feat Ahu - I Know All The Bitches(Billion mix)Altered Vibes
7. Nadja - Alien In My Own Skin (Vex-D mix) - Lo Dubs
8. MLZ - newanaloguecentury - Modern Love
9. Can - Future days (Carl Craig blade runner mix)
10. Martyn - Vancouver - 3024
11. Martyn - Hear Me 3024 12. 2562 - Old Town
13. Pangaea - Router
14. Martyn - Twenty Four - 3024
15. Flying Lotus - Roberta Flack (Martyn heart beat mix) - Warp
16. Martyn - Vancouver (2562 off dub mix) - 3024
17. Martyn - Natural selection (acapella) - 3024
18. Martyn - Natural selection (Flying Lotus conference clense mix)
19. TRG - The Flex (radio 1 exclusive)
20. TRG - Ghetto Romance - Subway
21. TRG – 2084 (aka Please)
22. TRG - On Tour
23. DLX - Matter Of Fact (Breakage Relatively Speaking mix)
24. Tayo - Marh Of The Soundbwoyz (TRG mix) - Cool and Deadly
25. TRG - Everything We Stand For - Cool and Deadly
26. TRG - Surreal (5 AM mix)
27. TRG - They Know (Berlin Wall VIP)
28. TRG - Put You Down (Dirty Sonix mix)
29. Vaccine - In Vivo
30. Darkstar - Lilly Liver (Starkey mix) - Offshore
31. Matty G - West Coast Rocks (Glitch Mob mix)
32. Brotherhood - Dub By The River - Phonobox
P.S. 2562 & Peverelist went head to head and the was awsome too.
P.P.S. I will be dropping another dubstep mix in the near future.

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