Friday, 4 July 2008

Kidcrash – Jokes

I was recently pointed in the direction of Kidcrash who are a kind of screamo, hardcore act from the US. They put all of their albums, splits and EP’s up for free download on their website to stop the record company they are with making money off them and not doing as the band wished in general. You can still donate some cash to them and buy their records too mind.

On with the music, as I mentioned before they are a kind of screamo, hardcore rock band but they are a slight math edge to them, the beats have a bit of a mad swing to them not unlike Meet Me In Saint Louis. The guitar sound is pretty sharp and angular with it too. There is obviously a bit of a scream to the vocals, hence the tag I guess, this adds some power and menace to the songs. Every song is urgent, full of fire and passion; it’s a real treat.

Each tune has an angry edge to it on Jokes but the melodies are really great and make Kidcrash so much more than just another screaming rock band. Kissed By A Roach From The Grave for example has a heart wrenchingly beautiful and tender outro, which soon descends into fiery furry again on the next song sure, but you got to love the contrast. Every track is damn strong so I wont pick a standout right now.

I recommend Kidcrash whole heartedly and I look forward to plunging headlong into the rest of the back catalogue.

Get yourself Jokes by Kidcrash and, well pretty much all their stuff


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